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Custom trading pins are one of the most exciting things about playing baseball, but they aren’t limited to that game. Whether your team is a winner on the volleyball court, the softball field or the tennis court, wearing, collecting and trading customized pins will amplify the enjoyment of your sport.


Once you design your first batch of sports trading pins, your team members will beg you to do it again and again. You may even find that parents, siblings, fans and members of competing teams are lining up to buy or trade for your pins. Luckily, you will have many opportunities to craft custom trading pins in the future. For instance, consider some of the top reasons our many returning customers place orders:

  • Mark the start of a new season
  • Celebrate big wins – playoffs, championships, states, nationals, etc.
  • Announce team milestones – undefeated seasons, noteworthy anniversaries, etc.

The more successful your team, the more reasons you will have to create trading pins with bright colors and a variety of decorative features. If you have a design sketched and are ready to place your order, feel free to submit a quote request today.

Custom Trading Pins Made to Last

When ordering custom metal pins online, it’s important to ensure that you work with a trustworthy company utilizing the highest quality materials. Strong materials will result in durable sports trading pins that hold up to long-term use.

While we may sell cheap trading pins that accommodate virtually any budget, we never cut corners on materials or our design and production process. Regardless of how much you pay for your pins, we guarantee that you will receive top-quality products that please your team members and fans. Our commitment to excellence allows us to stand behind every pin created with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Custom Trading Pin Types

Soft Enamel
Digitally Printed

Trading Pin Options

You now have more options than ever when ordering custom metal pins online. While you can keep your design simple, we encourage you to think about new ways to elevate your design for greater visual appeal and heightened perceived value. If you need help adding elements that will transform a simple idea into an attention-grabbing pin, feel free to work with our designers. We never charge our customers for access to our design expertise.

Here are some of the options that you may want to incorporate into your design:

  • Blinkers
  • Bobblers
  • Danglers
  • Glitter
  • Sliders
  • Spinners
Option Type1002003004005006007501000200030005000
1/2" Dangler$0.77$0.72$0.67$0.64$0.62$0.61$0.60$0.57$0.54$0.53$0.52
3/4" Dangler$0.83$0.76$0.71$0.68$0.66$0.65$0.64$0.60$0.57$0.56$0.56
1" Dangler$0.85$0.81$0.80$0.75$0.70$0.67$0.66$0.65$0.61$0.58$0.56
1-1/4" Dangler$0.91$0.87$0.86$0.81$0.75$0.72$0.71$0.70$0.66$0.62$0.60
1-1/2" Dangler$1.89$1.59$1.14$1.01$0.86$0.84$0.81$0.69$0.64$0.60$0.56
1-3/4" Dangler$1.99$1.78$1.39$1.23$1.06$1.05$1.02$0.86$0.76$0.74$0.69
2" Dangler$2.25$1.87$1.54$1.38$1.20$1.17$1.12$0.99$0.93$0.89CALL
1 Red Blinker$0.99
2 Red Blinkers$1.98

More Options Make Customization a Blast

Do you want your custom trading pins to glow in the dark? This is an excellent way to grab attention during after-dark games, pin trading events and events held in any low-light environment. While we pride ourselves on designing amazing cheap trading pins with minimal features, we also enjoy pumping up the volume when a team really wants to make a bold statement.

If you plan on selling your customized sports pins or want to create pins that will grab a lot of attention at trades, you can’t go wrong with our more advanced features. Something sliding, spinning or blinking will likely be more valuable than a standard pin with no added features.

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