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Custom Wristbands

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Custom wristbands are one of those fashion trends that never seem to decrease in popularity. These custom rubber wristbands have been worn by everyone from celebrities to toddlers for more than a decade, with no sign of them ever getting old. It’s not surprising that our wristbands are one of our best-selling products year after year.

Custom Wristbands

Many sports teams consider custom silicone wristbands essential to their fundraising efforts. A growing number of businesses and event planners are also stocking up on these promotional wristbands. Even musicians and world-renowned bands are now selling custom-made wristbands featuring their names and slogans. Why not design wristbands that will spread the word on behalf of your school, team, club, organization or business?

Count On Us For:

  • Free wristband artwork and design
  • Free shipping to any address in the continental U.S.
  • No mold fees
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Promotional Wristbands – From Giveaways To Effective Fundraising

Here are just some of the ways our customers have promoted everything from charities to sports teams, school groups and businesses using our custom-made wristbands:

  • Social media contest prizes
  • Door prizes at special events
  • Stylish, reusable admittance bands at big events
  • Tokens of appreciation for employees, customers and fans
  • Fun additions to sports uniforms to add a touch of style
  • Performance incentives for top athletes or leading fundraising salespersons
  • Morale boosters for teams of every variety
  • Boost awareness for a charity or special cause
  • Raise funds for victims of a natural disaster
  • Add a touch of style to team uniforms
  • Distribution items for trade shows, job fairs and networking events
  • Memorial items for funerals
  • Tokens of love to distribute at weddings, anniversary parties and other social events

You can buy custom wristbands for just pennies apiece when you order in bulk. That makes custom silicone wristbands one of the most affordable promotional products on the market today. They’re also one of the most stylish and easy-to-wear products so it’s far less likely that your giveaways or fundraising items will make their way to the trash can.

Custom Promotional Wristband Types

Wristband Pricing (50+ Quantities)
Debossed Pricing (1-50 Quantities)
Color Coated Pricing (1-50 Quantities)
Color Filled$1.89$1.28$0.89$0.51$0.32$0.28$0.26$0.25$0.24
Color Coated$2.35$1.63$1.15$0.70$0.43$0.37$0.35$0.29$0.27
Keychains New$2.14$1.08$0.69$0.51$0.43$0.41$0.40$0.39$0.39
Micro Bands$1.86$1.20$0.79$0.41$0.28$0.23$0.22$0.21$0.20
Finger Bands$1.52$1.25$0.75$0.55$0.35$0.34$0.30$0.25$0.24
1" DebN/A$1.75$1.05$0.80$0.55$0.49$0.42$0.40$0.38
1" SSN/A$1.75$1.05$0.80$0.55$0.49$0.42$0.40$0.38
1" FilledN/A$1.80$1.15$0.90$0.65$0.59$0.52$0.50$0.45
3/4" DebN/A$1.70$1.00$0.75$0.50$0.44$0.37$0.35$0.33
3/4" SSN/A$1.70$1.00$0.75$0.50$0.43$0.37$0.35$0.33
3/4" FilledN/A$1.75$1.10$0.80$0.56$0.47$0.46$0.43$0.42
QuantityFront MessageBack MessageAdd ClipartGround ShippingTwo Day ShippingOne Day ShippingOne Day Production
Quantity 1-9$4.95$0.25$0.10$7.00$19.00$24.00Plus 30%
Quantity 10-24$2.85$0.25$0.10$12.00$24.00$33.00Plus 30%
Quantity 25-49$1.99$0.25$0.10$15.00$29.00$39.00Plus 30%
**Quantities 1-50 are available in a limited color supply.
QuantityFront MessageBack MessageAdd ClipartGround ShippingTwo Day ShippingOne Day ShippingOne Day Production
Quantity 1-9$5.95$0.25$0.10$7.00$19.00$24.00Plus 30%
Quantity 10-24$3.85$0.25$0.10$12.00$24.00$33.00Plus 30%
Quantity 25-49$2.99$0.25$0.10$15.00$29.00$39.00Plus 30%
**Quantities 1-50 are available in a limited color supply.

Top Designers & Choices Galore

Many companies offer custom made wristbands online today, but there are a few things that keep us at the top of the “trusted provider” list for a growing list of happy customers:

  • Commitment to Excellence: We don’t cut corners when it comes to materials or our design and production processes. Our goal is to provide the highest quality custom rubber wristbands for every customer.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We inspect every wristband before it’s packaged and shipped. We’re always willing to send prompt replacements if a defect slips past us. Just let us know if you find any wristband you buy from us to be defective in either materials or workmanship.
  • Free Design Assistance: Our experienced designers will work with you to create custom rubber bands that your fans and team members will want to wear. We put our expertise and eye for detail to work to create a great looking product for you.
  • Maximum Style Options: We stay up to date with technological advances and popular fashions. This enables our team to help your team, charity event or company keep up with trends. From the standard debossed wristband to color-coated, color-filled, embossed, swirled or segmented bands, our state of the art equipment allows us to create any style of silicone wristband that fits your needs.
  • Size Options: We offer a range of widths in addition to the standard half-inch wristbands. Micro wristbands are gaining popularity due to their thin, light design. We also offer promotional wristbands in ¾-inch and one-inch widths.
  • Free Shipping: We will gladly ship your order free of charge to any address within the continental United States.
  • More Options: We even offer options beyond the standard wristband. Consider ordering finger bands or keychains. Give your fans and team members something unexpected to cheer about!
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Custom Center is proud to provide custom promotional products to clients the world over. Large or small, we treat all of our orders with the same care and attention our customers have come to expect.

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