5 Surprising Ways Custom Wristbands Increase Brand Visibility

5 Surprising Ways Custom Wristbands Increase Brand Visibility

Do you think you know all there is to know about wristbands and how they can benefit a business? Chances are, there is a lot more to it that may...

Do you think you know all there is to know about wristbands and how they can benefit a business?

Chances are, there is a lot more to it that may surprise you! Creating custom wristbands for your business is actually a very effective way to crush your competition and grow your business.

Below, we've put together five surprising ways that these simple bracelets can increase visibility for your brand and give your company a huge boost overall.

1. They Can Become a Fad

Remember the age of Livestrong bracelets? Back in the early 2000s, these bracelets became a must-have staple in the closet of every fashionable person.

Isn't it strange that a yellow silicone band became such a statement? Well, sort of! When something so small and accessible becomes a statement piece, it's easy for the trend to spread like wildfire.

These tiny accessories are available for easy purchase by the masses since they are priced very low and can be bought and sold anywhere.

Though these bracelets started as a charitable donation, they came to be much more than that.

Luckily, the popularity of these bracelets led to plenty of sales. This generated a lot of funds toward Lance Armstrong's cancer research fund.

Think of what this would look like if it had been your business that introduced these ever-present bracelets! Your brand would not just receive visibility--it would be the world's "it" company.

All of this goes to show you that something as simple as a custom wristband can become a movement. As long as it has a distinct and recognizable design, the trend may catch on.

2. Give Information About Your Brand

Because silicone bracelets can be customized, you can include important information about your brand or mission.

Maybe there is a catchphrase you are trying to get out there. Or maybe you want people to associate your brand with a specific situation in life.

For example, when you get in a car accident, you know that one of the first things you should do is call 1(800)411-PAIN. This is the number of an injury and accident lawyer who will be able to assist you.

Whatever it is, you could use custom wristbands to provide information about your company.

Churches often supply wristbands with the acronym "WWJD?" to remind followers of Christ to weigh their actions against what Jesus would want them to do. Other entities put their phone number, website, or other useful information.

If people are wearing your wristband as a helpful reminder or because it adds value to their life, you have done your job.

3. Remind Customers of a Goal

One idea for increasing both brand visibility and reputation is to remind your customers of a goal.

Let's say you include a bracelet with every order. Each of these bracelets could include an inspiring message like "Smile at a stranger" or "Put down the junk food."

By helping your customers to change their lives, they will have warm feelings toward your brand.

Similarly, you could offer bracelets with a message of their choosing. You could have 5-10 phrases to choose from, and your customers get to select one for free when they purchase from you.

Or, you could make limited edition sets of 5 bracelets so customers will want to collect them all. This would lead to more sales all around.

This is not just because of the increased orders--it's also due to the fact that more people would be out there touting your brand on their wrists.

4. Make a Difference

Another bracelet trend that was once embraced by 11 million people around the globe is one that set out to make a difference.

"A complaint-free world" was the goal, and the bracelet served as a reminder to stay away from negative thoughts and complaints.

The priest who started this trend wrote a book of the same title, and it came with a purple bracelet to wear as a physical reminder of the reader's mission.

This bracelet became a huge movement. Participants set out to form a new negativity-free habit by wearing the bracelet and avoiding complaining for 21 days straight.

If they found themselves falling back down into a bad habit, they had to switch the bracelet to their other wrist and start over.

Can you imagine what a difference these simple purple bracelets made over time? Millions of people were united in a common goal to avoid negativity and live a complaint-free life.

By creating a movement like this for your company through the use of a simple bracelet, there's no limit to what you could accomplish.

5. Represent Something Meaningful

Most importantly, your bracelets should represent something meaningful.

It may not be the creation process of your bracelets that makes a difference, and that's okay. Some bracelets pack a significant meaning because the way they're made changes the world.

Others make a difference because of what they state or represent.

Still, if your customers become attached to your company's bracelets becomes it means something to them, then you are achieving what you set out to do.

If your bracelet represents something special or meaningful to your audience, they will likely want to purchase more and spread the message to their family and friends.

This organic word-of-mouth sharing is great for business. Not only does it lead to increased sales, but people will trust and respect you more, too.

Increasing brand visibility through this strategy is a great way to both change the world and get your name out there in a positive light.

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