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Personalized Lanyards for Sale Now

For more than a decade, we have been creating custom lanyards that please not only our clients but their clients as well. We are proud to serve a growing list of returning customers each year and are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our products. Our goal is to serve as your one-stop destination for custom-printed lanyards of all types.

There are many reasons that custom printed lanyards have been one of the most popular promotional gifts for more than a decade:

  • Versatile – If you want to order a promotional gift that your recipients can put to good use, you can’t go wrong with custom made lanyards. You can dress them up for professional settings or design them for rugged durability. Indoor or outdoor use, there are custom made lanyards for every application.
  • Attractive – You can order custom-printed wholesale lanyards in a variety of colors and each one puts your logo or the design of your choice on display. There are few promo products that offer this much visual appeal.
  • Simple – Sometimes, the best promotional items are the easiest to design and give away. You don’t need an elaborate gift to make a memorable impression – and custom lanyards certainly make an impression.
  • Affordable – If you want to buy one item that you can use for a variety of promotional campaigns, wholesale custom lanyards will do the trick. Order in bulk and give them away freely! Your brand will thank you later.

Custom Lanyard Types

  • Full-Color Lanyards – Your logo or artistic design is dyed into the fabric of the lanyard. The result is bright colors, crisp lines and designs that won’t peel or crack with time. This is the way to go if you want to produce high-quality lanyards that your fans, employees, clients or consumers won’t hesitate to wear to work, take the gym or attach to their keys and badges.
  • Tubular Lanyards – These are your most affordable option, but the material remains soft and comfortable when placed around the neck. You can order them in a variety of colors and apply your logo, business name or an eye-catching slogan to create a simple but effective tool for marketing.
  • Woven Lanyards – If you want a more intricate design that guarantees your logo or name will never wear off, allow us to weave your message right into the fabric. This is a more elaborate process for making custom printed lanyards, but it’s a popular option for clients interested in a modern and elegant appearance.
  • Nylon Lanyards – Are you all about that shine? Many clients prefer this material for their wholesale lanyards because it has that slick feel and glossy finish that catches the eye. Lightweight and durable, these lanyards are easily applied to a variety of promotional campaigns or sporting events.
  • Polyester Lanyards – We make these imprinted lanyards just as we do our promotional shirts. Our screen printing equipment is state-of-the-art and we provide the highest quality polyester material to ensure a professional outcome for every project.

Custom Lanyard Pricing

Do you already have a design in mind? Our creative professionals will help you move from an idea on paper to a real lanyard that represents your vision perfectly.

For those who want to design your own lanyard but need a little more guidance, we have the skills and artistic vision to match your goals with the right materials and colors. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t have a vision for your personalized lanyards, get started by viewing our lanyard types.

The Highs and Lows of Custom-Made Lanyards

When shopping for wholesale custom lanyards, settle for nothing less than high quality and low prices. There are many places to order custom printed lanyards online today, but most providers place too much emphasis on providing one or the other. We are proud to represent one of the few companies capable of delivering both. We elevate our products to the highest quality while keeping our prices unexpectedly low.

We have a fool-proof plan for maximizing quality in every order:

  • We use superior-quality materials to create every lanyard, including the most affordable designs.
  • We ensure that every lanyard produced is inspected individually before being packaged and shipped.
  • We back every order with our trustworthy 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We top it all off with exceptional customer service. You want to partner with experienced design artists who take their craft seriously, and we’re excited to step up as your partner for promo lanyards and a variety of additional promotional products.

Custom Lanyard Options

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