Back to School Promo Products for a Great Year!

Back to School Promo Products for a Great Year!

Once again it’s time to start gearing up for the coming school year. If you’re an educator, and you want to start the academic year on a positive...

Once again it’s time to start gearing up for the coming school year. If you’re an educator, and you want to start the academic year on a positive note with great school spirit, back to school promo products are the perfect way to do it.

You’ll find a ton of custom products that can encourage positivity, enhance security, promote special events, raise funds and so much more at We offer more than 800,000 products just waiting to be customized with your team mascot or school logo!

While the choices are virtually endless, we focus mainly on a few products that are sure to be a benefit to your students, faculty and staff.

Custom Lanyards For I.D. Badges

Custom lanyards are a winning back to school promo item that can both boost security and school pride. More and more schools are requiring students, staff, faculty to carry I.D. cards and keep them visible while on the premises. Keeping those I.D.s in sight can be difficult. Pinback holders damage clothing. Clip-on holders don’t, but they’re easy to lose. And both are just ordinary. They don’t do a thing to promote school spirit.

Lanyards are an excellent alternative. They’re comfortable to wear, they don’t damage clothing, and they keep I.D. cards easily visible. Get your school logo or mascot imprinted on them and they help keep morale high too.

Custom Shirts for Uniforms

Do your students wear uniforms? We offer a great selection of attractive, economical shirts, in a variety of styles, which can be customized with your school name and logo. From single-color to full-color imprints, we can reproduce your school colors accurately.

Custom Wristbands for Events and Programs

Wristbands are a fantastic back to school promo item! They’re versatile enough to serve multiple functions.

For example, if you want to kick the school year off on a high note, try passing out custom wristbands on the first day. Wristbands in your school colors, imprinted with your mascot, are sure to raise enthusiasm as the year begins.

You can also use custom wristbands to increase student engagement in important lesson plans and educational events. One great example is Red Ribbon Week. You can boost the impact of this important event with custom wristbands (in red, of course.) Students will enjoy having a little extra reminder to wear, to show their participation. And it will help carry the message of Red Ribbon Week and the importance of making good choice further into the school year.

Custom wristbands also are terrific small rewards for achievement. Get an “A” on a test, get a wristband. Or pass them out at pep rallies to boost school pride on the day of the big game.

Custom Wristbands for Fundraising

When it comes to fundraising, custom wristbands are hard to beat. They’re low-priced – pennies each if you buy in bulk – and can sell for a lot more than you pay for them. Ask the school that raised $5,000 for humanitarian relief in just three weeks!

The other factor that makes wristbands a great back to school promo fundraiser is that you control them. You’re not paying 60% or more to a third-party company to manage the fundraiser and provide the products. Your school or district buys them, and your students sell them. Your school keeps the money. What could be simpler?

Many More Back to School Promo Possibilities

That’s just a small sample of the many products we offer at We have so many, including mugs, thumb drives and much, much more. No matter what back to school promo products you need to start your year right, we’re here to serve. Just give us a call toll free at 800.254.0146, or email us at [email protected], and we’ll be glad to help!