Best Custom Promotional Items for Your Non-Profit

Best Custom Promotional Items for Your Non-Profit

Gaining non-profit exposure can be hard to do without a big marketing budget. You might not get the results you're looking for from small digital campaigns. Plus, it can be...

Gaining non-profit exposure can be hard to do without a big marketing budget.

You might not get the results you're looking for from small digital campaigns. Plus, it can be hard to bring on new team members to run social media or web design.

The best thing to do is to put your money right in front of consumers - off a screen and in their hands.

Custom promotional items can do just that.

These fun, branded tools take all the guesswork out of marketing. They are a direct tool you can bring to your next event to build exposure and brand awareness.

Not sure which item is the best for you? Here's a look at the best custom promotional items out there.

1. Wristbands

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Does your non-profit focus on the medical sector or healthy living?

Are you tabling at a local 5K?

If so, you can align your custom promotional items with the active lifestyle much of your audience will be advocating.

Wristbands are an easy way to get your brand out there at movement-focused events. It's something people can wear while they run, do yoga, or participate in a Zumba class.

This convenience will be much more appealing than a pen or even an extra bag to carry around.

Here are some other benefits a wristband offers, too.

Make a Statement

No one reads a pen while they're writing, and especially not as they're walking around an event.

But, they will be more likely to read what's on your wristband as they check their watch or do some stretching.

This allows you to do more than slap a logo on a custom promotional item and call it a day. It gives you the opportunity to say something that will stick.

Use the space on your wristband to share your non-profit's social media hashtag. Or, you can remind people of the bigger purpose beyond your brand by saying something like "fight for the cure."

Create Community

Whatever you decide to say, people who already support your non-profit will be excited to slip a wristband on.

As they do so, take a moment to talk to the group they're with.

Their friends might have heard your name before, but this is your chance to talk about what you do. The more conversations you have, the more your community grows.

2. Lanyards

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Although wristbands are simple, fun, and convenient, there is one main problem - they're small!

A wristband gets the job done, but it's not as noticeable as a lanyard.

Lanyards are one of the best custom promotional items non-profits can choose from.

They work at professional trade shows as well as company retreats.

Environmentally-centered consumers can appreciate their various uses, and festival-goers will love having some security for their keys.

Don't believe us? Check out what lanyards can do for your non-profit.

Stand Out

The key to a successful promotions campaign is to get your brand in front of as many people as possible.

Lanyards can help do this on a large-scale.

Think of all the people who pick up a lanyard. Then, consider all the other event attendees they'll connect with as the day goes on.

The people in your lanyards will be taking pictures, doing interviews, and maybe even standing on a stage somewhere.

Everywhere they go, your brand does too.

Whether a lanyard is hung around someone's neck or sticking out of their pocket, it's clear to see. This is much easier to spot than a wristband, which can easily slide under a shirt sleeve.

Be Resourceful

What was the last event your non-profit hosted or supported?

How many stickers and bags did you end up with at the end of the day? It was likely more than you needed.

However, a lanyard is something not every company thinks to bring, but every person can find a use for.

You might be at a job fair, where your lanyard becomes a unique way to display a name tag. Or, you could give 5k runners a place to put their keys while they participate.

Either way, consumers will appreciate the fact you gave them something they can use, not just an object for the sake of handing something out.

3. Patches

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As great as wristbands and lanyards are, there comes a time to take them off.

Patches, though, often remain in place.

These custom promotional items turn a quick interaction into long-term exposure for your non-profit. Here's how.


Patches are making a comeback.

Consumers everywhere are putting them on their denim jackets, jeans, and, of course, handbags!

Wouldn't it be great to make your brand a part of their look?

This creative approach to promotional marketing is a win-win for everyone. Users get a fun, unique design to add to their collection. In turn, you get long-term exposure every time they wear their favorite blazer or use their backpack.

Foster Interactions

For the best results, try to do more than your logo. Think of a design that represents who you are and run with it.

This makes a great conversation starter as your non-profit supporters are out and about.

When people ask them about their collection of patches, there's a chance your brand will be name-dropped. This opens the door to talk about the work of your non-profit and how others can get involved.

We get it - it sounds like a stretch. But remember, your loyal supporters are basically your brand ambassadors.

When people get behind a cause that speaks to them, magic happens.

Give supporters something to get excited about and watch how your message spreads through them like wildfire.

Take Your Pick of Custom Promotional Items

It's amazing what a small non-profit budget can do when used correctly.

Don't count custom promotional items off your marketing list.

One big order can have an even bigger impact. You just have to find the promotional item that works best for you.

Contact us today to discuss item options and package pricing!