Custom Lanyards: Choose the Style That’s Right For You

Custom Lanyards: Choose the Style That’s Right For You

Savvy marketers know the value of using products both large and small to promote their brand. Take custom lanyards, for example. They’re all over the place in schools, offices...

Savvy marketers know the value of using products both large and small to promote their brand. Take custom lanyards, for example. They’re all over the place in schools, offices, and businesses throughout the world. But have you ever thought of how they can help promote your brand?

The key to successful marketing with lanyards is to use the style that’s right for your needs. A reputable provider of custom promotional products can help you choose the style that’s right for you.

Custom Lanyard Basics

Lanyards are typically 36” in length, and available in a variety of widths. When custom printed with your text or logo, they’re a subtle, constant reminder of your brand. They can be made of one of several materials and styles. Choosing the right one for your organization’s needs involves weighing several factors, including:

  • Wearer Comfort
  • Complexity of your custom design
  • Where it will be worn – environment
  • Budget

A good lanyard supplier will show you how to balance these factors to ensure you order the highest performing lanyards for your organization.

Custom Lanyard Styles

Tubular Lanyards: High Performance, Economical Price

The most economical lanyard style is tubular polyester. This style features tube-stitched polyester, similar to a shoelace. It’s soft and comfortable and features a silkscreen printed text or logo.

Flat Polyester Lanyards: Price/Performance Balance

Flat polyester lanyards are the most popular lanyard style for most applications. The price to performance ratio is the best of any style. The silkscreen imprint is long-wearing and highly visible. The material is strong enough for nearly all applications. They silkscreen process allows intricate logos and text in multiple colors.

Woven Lanyards: A Classic Look

Woven lanyards offer a touch of elegance and classic design. Rather than silkscreen printing, this style weaves the lettering into the nylon lanyard fabric. Due to the nature of this process, this style is suited only for simple text or logos. More intricate designs won’t be legible on woven lanyards.

Nylon Lanyards: Top Quality

Nylon lanyards are the finest lanyard style you can buy for an outstanding appearance. The smooth texture and high gloss mean your logo or text can’t be missed. The rich, vibrant appearance really stands out. Tough nylon construction also means your lanyards will be strong and durable.

Full Color Lanyards: Rugged Strength

Full color lanyards, also known as dye sublimation lanyards, feature a unique dye process that infuses your text or logo throughout the fabric. Consequently, the image can never fade, crack or peel. If standard lanyards are Clark Kent, these are Superman!

Choosing Options

Selecting the right options to include with your custom lanyards is an important step. The right options make lanyards an indispensable item that’s used daily. The wrong options make them a waste of time and money.

Safety breakaways are the place to start. Although these are typically optional, they are a FREE option at reputable lanyard providers. This simple plastic device pops open, releasing the lanyard from the wearer’s neck if the lanyard is snagged, pulled or jerked. In a medical or law enforcement environment, or when working around machinery, these simple breakaways can literally be a lifesaver. There’s no reason to consider lanyards without them.

Most suppliers offer several free attachment options, giving you the opportunity to customize your lanyards for what you want to do with them. Free options generally include key rings, bulldog clips, thumb triggers and swivel J hooks. These are the most popular choices for attaching keys, I.D. badges, and other small items.

Other attachment devices are available usually for a small extra cost, including cell phone loops, carabiners, and even multiple attachments. Your custom lanyard provider can advise which will work best for your specific application.

In situations where lanyards are not the most appropriate choice, badge reels are a good alternative. They offer most of the same advantages as lanyards, but in a simple clip-on device that holds I.D. badges and other items close to the wearer. These are popular among medical practitioners, who don’t want to worry about a dangling lanyard when examining or treating patients.

Custom badge holders are available as well. These can be used with either lanyards or badge reels to create an integrated badge solution.

Your Leading Custom Lanyard Provider

When it comes to choosing the right lanyards for your needs, you can depend on a reputable provider such as Custom Center for all your lanyard needs. We are a full-service custom product supplier, offering every style of lanyard available at prices others can’t match. We give you a level of customer service that is second to none. It’s all part of our dedication to total customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to know more, call us at 800.254.0146, toll-free. Or simply fill out our no-obligation Free Quote form. We’ll be happy to show you how custom lanyards can raise awareness for your brand.