Why Custom Lanyards are the Perfect Promotional Product

Why Custom Lanyards are the Perfect Promotional Product

Even though the age of the internet has made significant shifts in marketing, traditional approaches still offer great value. Such strategies include newspaper ads, direct mailing, and promotional products. Promotional...

Even though the age of the internet has made significant shifts in marketing, traditional approaches still offer great value.

Such strategies include newspaper ads, direct mailing, and promotional products.

Promotional products are anything from company pens and bags to flyers and even badges. These small, simple objects have huge branding opportunities.

Some people think promotional products lose value as soon as they get lost because they can be easy to misplace. They couldn't be more wrong.

Studies show 89% of consumers can remember an advertiser for as long as two years after receiving a promotional product. As such, it's worth considering bringing lanyards or bags to your next company retreat or tabling event.

Here's why custom lanyards are the perfect way to go.

1. They Create Team Consistency

One of the main points of a company retreat is to bring everyone together.

Sure, you may have a bigger objective in mind -- like increasing sales or opening a new office -- but none of this happens without a united team.

T-shirts are a cool approach for the retreat day, but what happens when you have to go back to the office? It's hard to look professional in front of a client if you aren't in your best business attire.

Some companies think an alternative to this is notepads or pens because they are practical. Think of the last time you kept the same pen for a while, though.

The solution?

Hand out custom lanyards!

This is something anyone on a team can appreciate.

The serious, straight-thinkers will use them for their keys. The creative, quirky team members will find a place to hang them up or make something out of multiple lanyards.

Who knows, some lanyards might end up in the hands of your staffs' teenagers who just started driving. This creates even more brand exposure.

2. They Stand Out in a Crowd

Another benefit of custom lanyards is the ability to make your presence known on a large-scale.

Just a few boxes of these can turn into hundreds of people walking around sharing your brand.

Without even thinking about it, they're spreading your presence far and wide as they walk around. This is particularly effective when multiple people in a group are each wearing your lanyard.

It's a small detail that catches someone's eye as they walk by.

Even better, lanyards are much easier to see in photos than a wristband, which can be hidden by a shirt sleeve or bad angle.

Either in person or by looking at a photo, the lanyard plants a subconscious seed in someone's mind. It makes them want to talk to you when they finally make it to your table.

Professionals at a convention will love a unique way to display the generic name tag everyone gets. Students at a job fair pick up free things left and right.

Or, you can reach a niche market like attendees at a music festival.

Music festivals are like a black hole for small objects. Fans love to dance and walk around, often losing their car keys, cell phones, and money.

Thankfully, your custom lanyards can give them one less thing to worry about!

3. They're Easy to Hand Out

Have you tried using promotional items before, only to not see enough success?

People may not want to take yet another pen, or they may already have a custom bag. This is all the more reason to show up with custom lanyards.

Lanyards are super simple to hand out.

You can hang multiple loops on your arm and spread your team out across the event space. This expands your reach even further because there won't be as much of a need to come back for more.

Plus, your team can expect more success getting lanyards in the hands of others.

They don't have to ask "do you want a pen?", or say, "here, take a brochure."

Instead, they can be creative and toss lanyards into big crowds. Or, outgoing employees can loop them on people as they walk by (in a friendly way, of course).

Changing things up like this opens the door for conversation much wider.

It gives your team ambassadors a chance to talk about who your brand really is. This establishes a strong connection with many people, which can turn into conversions later down the line.

4. They Come in Handy

Beyond a fun interaction and a quick chat, consumers will come to appreciate your lanyards.

This promotional item can be the reason they got home after a long festival without losing their keys. It can also be the accessory someone needed to complete their outfit at a convention.

Or, it could be something as simple as being thankful they didn't get yet another pen.

However your consumer perceives a custom lanyard at first, they'll be glad they got one as the day goes on.

This positive interaction links your brand to much more than a lanyard. It tells consumers you are a company they can count on -- which matters in any industry.

Such an approach also shows your creative side, and your willingness to take chances.

In a B2B market, this will catch the attention of potential partners.

They'll expect innovative solutions to their business' problems, which means you can expect a call for a consultation.

For B2C companies, smart users will see something beyond the promotion.

They'll understand your character and brand values much better. Their curiosity might even be strong enough to lead them back to your website.

Order Your Custom Lanyards

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Ready to add custom lanyards to your list of marketing resources?

Before you order, be aware there are a few different kinds of lanyards to choose from.

Lanyard materials range from nylon, polyester, and woven lanyards. Each has a specific feel, quality, and price.

Don't skip over these details as you make your design.

Not to worry, our team is available to help you make the perfect choice for your brand.

Contact us today to talk about your lanyard options and any other promotional products your business needs!