Custom Lapel Pins for the Holiday Season

Custom Lapel Pins for the Holiday Season

With shoppers spending trillions of dollars each holiday season, now is the perfect time to start planning your seasonal promotions. Creating custom pins with a holiday theme is a great...

With shoppers spending trillions of dollars each holiday season, now is the perfect time to start planning your seasonal promotions.

Creating custom pins with a holiday theme is a great way to get customers excited about shopping with you this festive season.

It's a chance to have fun, get creative, and drive sales that should last well into the new year.

Are you lacking in inspiration for your holiday pins?

Don't despair. We're here to help with loads of awesome custom pin ideas, from stylized Christmas trees to cutesy gingerbread men.

Ready to create your most popular holiday promo pin yet?

Let's do this.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are one of the most versatile pin options, and they're instantly recognizable as a fun, festive symbol.

If you're promoting a luxury brand, you could create a stylized gold tree pin with silver accents. Classy and understated, but still looks fun and festive.

Want to go for something a little more traditional?

Create a standard green tree pin, then decorate with different colored baubles and beads. If you're looking for a way to incorporate your branding, try decorations in your company colors.

Christmas trees make awesome pins suitable for all ages and styles.


Looking for something that appeals to kids big and small?

There's nothing better than a cute holiday snowman with a carrot nose and a cheeky smile.

There's loads of opportunity for branding here, from the colors on your snowman's scarf to the items you use to create his features.

Run a donut shop? Give him donut eyes?

Sell hats? Make sure your frozen friend is wearing one!

This is a fun, versatile pin option that you can really make your own.

Crossed Candy Canes

Want to create custom pins that look stylish and festive?

A cross candy cane design is a fun way to tap into current design trends without losing your festive edge.

There are loads of way to experiment with colors - you could try black and white candy canes for an understated look, rainbow colors to show your brand's fun side, or traditional white and red to keep it simple.

Candy canes are also easy to incorporate into other designs, although you should avoid making your custom pins look too busy.

Gingerbread Man

This is the perfect choice for any business which sells sweet treats, and it's really easy to customize.

You could create multiple different pins - a gingerbread man, woman, and child, for example. This is ideal if you have a wide range of customers with different tastes.

You could also add a company name or slogan written in 'icing', alter the decorations used to give the gingerbread man his features or create a minimalist version.

Gingerbread men are ideal if you sell food or you want to appeal to kids.

Holly Berries

Want something natural and understated that has a festive feel but doesn't scream, 'holiday pen'?

Holly berries could be the choice for you.

Likely to appeal to older and more traditional customers, these custom pins are perfect for wearing throughout the entire the season, not just in the run-up to Christmas day.

You could even create a few different nature-themed pins, including mistletoe, poinsettias, and festive wreaths.

Creating a collection is always a smart move, as customers will be keen to collect them all.

Christmas Presents

Are you trying to encourage shoppers to buy presents at your store?

Then what better custom pin design than a Christmas present?

This is an unapologetically festive pin that can be designed in tons of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Creating a collection of five different colored pins is a great way to encourage collecting, and different shapes of presents can look really cute when pinned together.

There's also plenty of room to display your company name, so you can be sure that you'll be getting plenty of promotional value out of the pin.

Decorative Snowflake

Do you want to create a promotional pin that's more than just an ad for your business?

By designing a decorative snowflake pin, you'll be creating a pretty pin that customers are genuinely excited to wear.

Every customer is unique, just like every snowflake, so creating a few different designs is a good move.

You could have different colors, different patterns, or even different sizes. Some customers might love to display a huge snowflake pin, while others would appreciate something small and subtle.

Stick with white and blue for a traditional look, or go bold with bright colors.

Christmas Jumper

Do you wish you could put text on your pin in a way that looked natural and non-intrusive?

Christmas jumpers to the rescue!

Creating a trendy festive jumper with stitched lettering is a great way to work your company name or tagline into your custom pin design, without making it look tacky.

Christmas jumpers are also seriously in right now - so much that there's even an official Christmas Jumper Day - so you'll be tapping into an already-successful trend.

Christmas jumpers are also extremely versatile, and you can mix it up with colors, designs, and patterns to create something that appeals to everyone.

Santa's Sleigh

If you want to create a really traditional holiday pin, you can't go wrong with Santa's sleigh.

It's easy to make the pin relevant to your brand by filling the sleigh with products you sell, or using your company colors to as part of the wrapping paper on gifts.

It's a little more subtle than an actual Santa Claus pin, but still looks great and perfectly captures the holiday spirit.

Should You Use Custom Pins This Holiday Season?

If you want to promote your business while tapping into the holiday excitement, custom pins are the perfect choice for you.

There are loads of different design options, so you'll have no trouble designing a pin that accurately reflects your business.

Take a look at the options above and start planning your holiday pin designs today.

Ready to make your order? Head over to our custom pins page.