Custom Promo Apparel: A Proven Winner

Custom Promo Apparel: A Proven Winner

Is your business or organization looking for a new way to increase your brand recognition and awareness? Look around you. See how many people are wearing t-shirts, polos, jackets, hoodies...

Is your business or organization looking for a new way to increase your brand recognition and awareness? Look around you. See how many people are wearing t-shirts, polos, jackets, hoodies or caps with brand logos on them? There’s your answer – custom promo apparel!

With today’s great fabrics, inks and embroidery thread, buying fantastic-looking custom apparel has never been easier, faster or more affordable. You can appropriately promote your logo or brand to the world in virtually any environment.

Step One: The Basics

Ordering custom apparel is easy, as long as you keep a few key ideas in mind. A good custom product provider such as can help you decide which products are right for your brand’s specific needs.

Start with quality apparel. Be sure your supplier can provide you with first-rate brands such as Hanes, American Apparel, Under Armour and others. You want something that can stand up to frequent wear and multiple launderings. You might save a little with cheaper products, but you’ll run the risk of associating your brand with a low-quality item. It’s not worth the risk.

It’s equally important to consider print quality. Can your provider show you examples of work they’ve done that shows they know what they’re doing? Inks that streak or run, broken embroidery threads, sloppy placement, just won’t cut it. Never forget, the people who see that polo shirt won’t see the supplier’s name or logo – they’ll see yours. Accept only the highest quality.

To a great extent, that level of excellence ONLY comes with experience. Deal with a business that’s been around long enough to establish a track record of success. Starting a business is easy. Staying around long enough to have a roster of satisfied customers is a lot harder. At, we’ve earned a track record for performance you can trust.

Any well-established company will guarantee their work. They’ll gladly remake orders that don’t meet your quality standards. And they’ll limit under- or overruns on quantity to five percent or less of your order. Sure, you can always go cheap, but what happens when there’s a problem? Keep your standards high, and deal only with reputable providers.

About Art

If you’re printing an existing company logo or trademark on your custom promo apparel, you need to know the provider creating your custom apparel can reproduce it accurately. Don’t depend just on how your logo looks on a computer screen – no two monitors display colors in exactly the same way. For that reason, be sure they’re using accurate colors such as Pantone® PMS color matching system. Check out the Gallery page on their website for work they’ve done for other companies. Require that they email a digital proof to you before you’ll approve production.

Choosing the Right Custom Promo Apparel

Selecting the right apparel for your custom logo or brand depends on your product, your logo and the people you want to reach. Custom T-shirts are fine for casual, lifestyle brands, artistic promotions, bands and other uses.

Custom polo shirts are a better choice for more upscale products, events and services. They’re a subtle reminder of your brand for golf tournaments, equestrian competitions, auto dealerships and more.

Jackets and baseball caps can be valuable additions to employee uniforms, particularly for products and services used outdoors. Lawn services, delivery staff and others can promote your brand in a highly public way that’s hard to miss.

It’s easy to find the right custom promo apparel mix to fit your organization. At, we offer a full range of products, and our experienced staff will make sure you have the perfect ones for your needs. To find out more, email us at [email protected], or call us toll free at 800-254-0146. We look forward to serving all your custom promo apparel needs!