Custom Red Ribbon Wristbands

Rick Cundiff - Sep 28, 2018

With Red Ribbon Week fast approaching, now is the time to prepare. If you’re looking for a new way to emphasize the important message of Red Ribbon Week, custom Red Ribbon wristbands are the answer!

As educators nationwide are aware, this year’s theme is “Life Is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free. Custom wristbands give you an opportunity to keep the positive spirit of Red Ribbon Week going.

How Custom Red Ribbon Wristbands Can Help

The great thing about wristbands is that kids of all ages love them. From kindergarten through high school, they’re a popular fashion accessory.

You can use custom Red Ribbon Wristbands to foster enthusiasm among your students. They’re fun and prompt feelings of being part of a special group. It’s a great way to keep the momentum of the Red Ribbon Week message alive throughout the whole year.

Custom Red Ribbon wristbands are economical too. The most popular style is the classic debossed wristband that imprints the message right into the silicone bracelet. It’s also the least expensive style, and as will all custom wristbands, the more you order, the lower the per-wristband price.

You’re not limited, however, to the debossed style. At, we feature a selection of styles, including embossed. These very popular wristbands raise the lettering of your text above the surface of the wristband. Or choose color-filled bands that fill in the engraved lettering of your wristband with paint for a bright, bold look that can’t be missed.

Last but not least, silk screened wristbands let you print just about any kind of picture or text on the wristband, no matter how detailed. The only limit to your design is your imagination!

Custom Red Ribbon wristbands also can be terrific fundraisers. Your class can sell them to raise funds for Red Ribbon Week activities. You can price them low enough that virtually anyone who wants one can buy it, and still raise cash for lots of activities or events.

Want to know more? Call us toll free at 800-254-0146, or email us at [email protected]. No matter what you need wristbands for, we’re your Number One source to help your students have a great school year!