Custom Summer Promo Products

Rick Cundiff - Apr 25, 2019
Custom Summer Promo Products

Summer’s almost here, and it’s time to make the most of custom summer promo products. Summer-themed items imprinted with your brand or logo are a terrific way to keep your customers engaged.

When you think summer, think portable. Think promotional items that go with people outside the home. You’ll be surprised at the versatile range of products that can carry your brand into the public space.

Examples of Great Summer Promo Products

Take Bluetooth speakers, for example. They go to the beach, the park, the grandparents’ house. People love to take their music wherever they go. Get your brand imprinted on a small, easily carried speaker and guess what? That logo goes along too.

Want to chill out? Custom coolers are a surefire winner. On a smaller scale – and budget – imprinted tumblers are an outstanding way to keep your name in view not just in the summer, but throughout the year.

Many companies have discovered the value of using folding beach chairs and umbrellas to increase their brand visibility. For more casual brands, can and bottle holders, flying disks, kites and other low-cost items offer a great return for little investment.

Classic casual wear also offers excellent brand exposure. Tee shirts and polo shirts are a time-tested way to promote just about any product, service or organization.

Of course, you can still choose from our massive array of promo products as well. With hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, we offer top quality, cost-effective custom products for any season, brand or budget. Our experienced customer service staff will be glad to help you select the right products for your specific promotional needs.

So what are you waiting for? We have the summer promo products you need to keep your brand in view of potential customers. If you’re ready to join the summer promotional fiesta, give us a call at 800-254-0146 (toll free), email us at [email protected] or fill out our no-obligation Free Quote and Artwork form today. We have the hot products to make your brand cool!