How to Design Promotional T Shirts Your Customers Want

How to Design Promotional T Shirts Your Customers Want

Are you ready to launch a new line of promotional t-shirts for your business? Promotional products are a great way for you to engage with your customers, promote your brand...

Are you ready to launch a new line of promotional t-shirts for your business?

Promotional products are a great way for you to engage with your customers, promote your brand, and have a little fun.

It can be difficult, however, designing promotional products that your customers will actually want and be eager to use. It's key to design goods that won't end up in a donation box.

When it comes to designing promotional t-shirts, it is possible to do so in a way that can keep your customers coming back for more.

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Choose a High-Quality T-Shirt Base

The first thing to do when designing your promotional t-shirts is to start with a high-quality base.

It's definitely possible to order bulk t-shirts from a variety of sellers at a very cheap price. But this is often because the t-shirts used are made of cheap, inexpensive cotton.

We all know those shirts we end up donating to Salvation Army. They're low-quality, say something we don't really care about, or are coming apart at the seams.

It is possible to ensure that your company t-shirt doesn't end up in that donation box. Choose a t-shirt base that customers will love for its look, feel, and quality.

In essence, choose a base that you would personally buy in a store. If you want to go for cotton, opt for cotton identified as premium or extra-soft. You can also find some synthetic blends designed for a comfortable feel and attractive appearance.

At Custom Center, for example, we offer a range of custom embroidered t-shirts to our customers. Choose from a variety of high-quality brands like Next Level and American Apparel.

Pick a Color Palette Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to ensure that your promotional t-shirts get the fanfare they deserve is to choose a color scheme before designing.

This may mean colors from within your existing logo, shop, or branding. Or it could mean branching out into a new creative direction.

This goes beyond just choosing a color for your t-shirt base. Also, think about the colors you want to be displayed on the entire shirt itself. Surprisingly, you may want to look at home painting palettes for some inspiration!

Choose a palette that is visually appealing. You may want to branch out from the usual colors of your brand in order to spark some interest in your customers. The goal should be to design a t-shirt people will want to wear on a regular basis, so pick colors accordingly.

Integrate A Cool Image or Shape

Images are central to all branding endeavors and your promotional t-shirts are no exception. Centralize your design with a cool image, geometric shape, or other graphic.

You may be tempted to just paste your logo on the shirt front. But a lot of people don't want to wear promotional t-shirts because they directly state a name brand.

Choose a new image or shape that still reflects your identity as a company. This could be an abstract graphic of some kind. Don't be afraid to try something new.

If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, consider working with a graphic artist ahead of time. At Custom Center, we've got a team of award-winning graphic designers waiting to assist you.

Pinterest is already a great marketplace for ideas, too. And don't underestimate the power of Google Image searching.

Don't Make the Logo the Focus

One way to ensure that customers covet your t-shirts is to pull focus away from your logo. Once again, a lot of customers don't want promotional shirts because they emphasize a logo or brand far too much.

Make the image you've chosen the focus of your t-shirt. Or incorporate a new message or tagline that you have not used in your other branding efforts.

This message could be a quote, a memorable saying, or a tagline that subtly refers to your brand. You don't want to pull attention away from your branding, but it's okay to reach outside of the box here.

Be Unconventional

Consumers love unconventional items. When it comes to t-shirts they'll want to wear, they embrace what's different, quirky, or startling.

You can keep up with this trend in the design of your promotional t-shirts. Don't be shy about being unconventional.

This may mean being a bit quirky in your image choices. It could also mean giving away tank tops instead of t-shirts to your customers. Maybe you want to choose a new message that's funny or a color scheme that goes back to the '80s.

Don't Forget About The T-Shirt Back

A lot of people assume that the front of a t-shirt is all they've got for design. But don't forget about the t-shirt back!

Make use of this valuable real estate in your t-shirt design efforts. The back of a shirt is a great location for your logo or brand name, for example. This leaves the entire front of the shirt for an image or message.

Explore what to do with this extra surface with your designer. Or consult a customer representative for advice on design options.

Test it Out

The best way to gauge customer interest in your t-shirt is to do a trial run. You can also pair this with your current marketing efforts.

For example, you could start up a social media marketing campaign that gives away t-shirts to some customers. Start a raffle and incorporate a t-shirt into the prize mix.

You can even send out a survey to customers about what t-shirt design they like the most.

Once you have an idea of what your customers are hungry for, you'll be able to hone your design accordingly.

Designing Your Promotional T-Shirts

It is definitely possible to design t-shirts for your business that your customers will actually want. Make sure you begin by choosing a high-quality t-shirt base and an eye-catching color palette.

Consider an unconventional or quirky t-shirt design. Instead of making your logo the focus, emphasize a cool image or message in your design. Don't forget about the back of your t-shirt, too!

At Custom Center, we're here to help you design the t-shirt your customers want. Learn more about our custom t-shirt selection today!