Your Fans Are The Best! Reward Them With High Quality Trading Pins Made to Last

Your Fans Are The Best! Reward Them With High Quality Trading Pins Made to Last

Trading pins are a unique, fun way of showing your team pride. Part collectible, part team spirit, all-around awesome. These pins are unique to each team. The pins have a...

Trading pins are a unique, fun way of showing your team pride. Part collectible, part team spirit, all-around awesome. These pins are unique to each team. The pins have a particular flair that's wholly different than wearing a team jersey.

Pins create a unique opportunity to rally the fans.

The pins also provide the teams a way to increase funding -- a wonderful opportunity for local leagues. If this is an opportunity you'd like to deliver to your fans then stick around.

Here's what you should know about high-quality trading pins.

Rallying the Fans (and Supporting the Team)

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Pins are neat because they can take on any form or design. They're a perfect balance of solidarity for a team without taking it too far (like a tattoo).

They're appreciated by everyone: young, old, casual and hardcore fan.

The pins enter a collaboration with teams and designers for different occasions -- such as:

  • The start of a new season
  • Winning a local league
  • Team milestones
  • Individual spotlighting

... and for fun, of course.

Lapel pins are quite the hot commodity within the marketing circles. They're replacing stickers as the go-to swag bag offering during events. These unisex items have always been a part of sports. They're becoming hotter than ever because of social media and pin swaps.

Trading pins bring a couple valuable offerings to the team:

These pins are an affordable option for teams unable to afford the high costs of t-shirts or caps. It gives the fans something to take home that won't break the bank.

A Hot New Trend of an Old Collectible


That's what pin collectors tend to call themselves.

What often starts as a fun way to snag a collectible or appreciate a bit of art becomes an obsession for many. Pin collecting has been a hobby since they were first introduced. Today, communities rally behind Olympic Pin and Disney Pin trading through annual events.

Pins have always been a favorite item to customize an outfit.

Now, they're coming back as a hot trend. The revival is thanks to custom designs. Also, because of the "pinner community" found on social sites like Instagram. It's not uncommon to find posts of users sharing their favorites and recent hauls.

There are quite a few types of pins collectors go after -- including:

It's almost a currency of its own. There certain collectible pins selling for hundreds and completed sets for thousands. Pinheads even have their "holy grails". The exclusivity makes them sought after because of their limited runs.

In all, trading pins are an inexpensive souvenir that's fun to collect for people of all ages. Each has unique flairs making them very desirable for those calling themselves "pinheads".

How to Design High-Quality Trading Pins

The design you choose will depend on the company you work with during the manufacturing.

Hint: CustomCenter always delivers the highest quality at dirt-cheap prices.

Follow these steps to get started with designing trading pins for your team.

Step 1: Pick the style

The pins have a range of styles -- including:

  • Soft enamel
  • Offset printed
  • Photo-etched

The type of pin will incur higher costs. But, are worthwhile if your intentions are to create lasting collectibles. An item your biggest fans want to keep for years to come.

Step 2: Pick the shape

Size matters especially with the pinner community. The community prefers big, bold designs that'll compliment their lanyards, backpacks, and books.

Go big if the budget affords the option but don't skimp quality. A pin with better detail and materials are better than bulky, low-quality pieces.

Step 3: Pick the extras

A simple pin will cause a nice trading frenzy and boost to team spirit. But, little extras can turn the item into straight-up statements!

Extras you'd want to consider include:

  • Danglers
  • LED blinkers
  • Glitter
  • Bobbers
  • Spinners
  • Sliders

Including these extras will redefine the pin design. It's important you decide before finalizing your decision. Extras cost a few cents more for each pin.

Step 4: Pick the design

Two options exist:

  1. Work with a designer to create a unique design and upload the spec to the customize pin producers
  2. Ask for a free quote and artwork that's guided by design experts at these companies for less hassle

This is definitely not the time to hand the design off to that "cousin that knows how to use computers" moment. Producing lots of pins that come out lackluster won't pass over well with the fans.

Try to keep the design simple to prevent production errors. Do this for at least for the first or second offerings to keep costs low as you're experimenting with the swag.

Then, explore different designs to offer limited editions. The one-off designs will make them collectible among the fans.

Step 5: Order up

Complete the design and pick the needed quantity produced.

You can choose a short run of 100 or go big with 5,000+. Custom orders are welcome but will need special quotes to meet the demands.

Prices come down as you buy in bulk. The lower costs will increase the money collected during each sale during fundraisers.

Sit back and wait for the shipment to get delivered. Then, it's game time to put these neat collectibles into play.

Pin Fans Down with Trading Pins

Forget expensive jerseys and water bottles -- pins are the new, hot team collectible. Pin your faith on your team fundraiser by introducing a unique trading pin special to the season.

Be sure to get in touch and talk with us about fun designs we can provide for this excellent swag item.

Who knows? You may have found the exact neat item you need to light the spirits of your fans. It will definitely have them talking about the games well after their end.