Kids of Courage

Blogger - Nov 18, 2016

Here at we’ve worked with hundreds of charity organizations around the world, designing promotional products ranging from wristbands to patches to pins and more. While all of these charities are doing great things in their respective communities, every once in a while we like to highlight a particular charity we think deserves attention.

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Kids of Courage is a volunteer-driven charity organization dedicated to “the support of sick children and their families, day and night, 365 days a year.” Kids of Courage maintains a philosophy of staying involved with their community, relying on volunteers, and staying away from expensive advertising campaigns that draws funds away from their goals of helping children.

On top of offering medical assistance, Kids of Courage is also known for having a traveling summer camp where kids are given the opportunity to visit theme parks and attractions, meet celebrities, and other fun activities. This not only gives the kids encouragement to continue their fight, it helps boost the spirits of everyone involved and gives kids opportunities to make new friends. We think Kids of Courage is a fantastic charity organization, and we love the work that they do. We provided them with wristbands featuring their name and website, and we were happy to contribute!

If you’d like to learn more about Kids of Courage, take a look at their website, or if you’re interested in donating or volunteering your time, head directly to their donation page. Stay tuned to our blog as we feature more great charity organizations in the future. We look forward to working with even more great causes, designing custom promotional products that meet every need!