Marketing With Custom Patches

Rick Cundiff - Jul 6, 2018

Custom patches are everywhere today. Whether on jackets, uniforms, backpacks or anywhere else, they’re hard to miss. With that in mind, it’s time to consider marketing with patches for your business, organization, school or other group.

Whether PVC, woven or embroidered, custom patches can boost your marketing presence. Choose large or small, subtle or bold, and make your statement to the world on shirts, jackets, vests, or just about any other article of clothing.

Skeptical? Take a moment and think about how many times you see custom patches every day. They’re just about everywhere you go. Why not put them to work promoting your brand?

Marketing With Patches Boosts Customer Confidence

Custom patches are an instant way to give customers more confidence in your brand. Service and delivery workers who enter customers homes can be easily identified by your custom brand patch. That reassures your valued customers that the stranger they’re about to let into their home or business is who they say they are. In turn, the same patch is a subtle reinforcement of your brand.

Patches can accomplish a lot. Remember those satin jackets bearing patches with band names across the back? Sure, they’re icons of the ‘70s, but you gotta admit they advertised the name of the band in a brilliant, unforgettable style. Say you saw Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, for example. If you bought the jacket with their logo, you became a walking billboard, spreading the word of one of your favorite bands to others.

And that still happens today. Ever see a motorcycle club jacket or vest? Same deal. They’re advertising a brand affiliation. Whether it’s a riders’ club such as the Harley Owners’ Group or a full three-piece-patch “outlaw” club, patches tell you who’s who.

Think Big With Small Patches

Smaller patches can convey a lot of information as well. Ask any U.S. military member about that. Or look for an A.S.E. (Automotive Service Excellence) patch on the sleeve of the technician who works on your car. It shows he or she has been tested and certified in specific repair areas. That serves to boost customer confidence in the repair facility.

Consider too the branding of hats and caps. It’s easy to add custom patches with your logo to just about any style. It’s a terrific way to promote golf tournaments, political rallies and outdoor power equipment, for example.

You can even use custom patches as giveaway marketing tools at conventions and trade shows. They’re bright, colorful, and plenty of people like to collect them. It’s a great method to boost awareness of your brand or logo.

When you’re ready to add marketing with patches to your promotional mix, count on as your dependable source for the best patches at the best prices. We’re patch pros, ready to serve all your custom patch needs. Call us toll free at 800.254.0146 or email us at [email protected] to find out more!