How to Use Custom Patches to Promote Your Business

How to Use Custom Patches to Promote Your Business

Custom patches can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing..

Have your marketing campaigns hit a wall?

Are you tired of relying on only digital tools to get attention?

Consider combining online efforts with fun, effective tools like embroidered patches. Patches aren't exclusive to groups of scouts - they are a unique way to brand your company and build a larger audience.

Here are a few ways custom patches promote your business.

Build Exposure

Every brand needs a way to continually grow their exposure.

This is what keeps your number of new consumers growing, and part of what keeps old consumers coming back for repeat purchases.

Exposure is anything your brand is involved in.

It's business cards and email campaigns, as well as online ads and promotional partnerships. Many of these items will have your logo, which on its own is another branding tool.

Why not put it on some custom patches?

An embroidered patch design as simple as your logo and business name can go a long way.

A loyal consumer might put this on their laptop case or go-to jean jacket. You might even hand one out that ends up on someone's favorite travel bag.

Wherever your patch goes, though, it will be getting attention. Many people will see it in airports, at coffee shops, or while walking down the street.

This plants an idea in their head.

The more a potential customer sees your custom patches around, the more this person will want to know details about who you are.

Turn Your Team Into Brand Ambassadors

You might choose to sell your custom patches or hand them out at trade shows. These are just two ways to get them into the hands of consumers.

But, don't forget to make sure your employees have some, too!

Your staff is the most accessible group of people for your brand to interact with.

When you get them excited about the work you do and the services you offer, they turn into more than employees. A person who is enthusiastic about going to work every day and doing a job well done is a brand ambassador.

This kind of spokesperson for your brand is often much more effective than a paid partnership because the connection is genuine.

Such an employee loves to share your company with others because they're proud of where they work. They typically bring up work in conversation with family, friends, and even strangers.

Or, they let your promotional items do the talking.

This person has a company sticker on their laptop and wears their work polo on the weekend. Similarly, he or she would love to flaunt their custom patch.

Some employees might pin their patch on a corkboard at home as a cute reminder of the work you do. Others will put it somewhere everyone can see it.

Either way, the patch is building brand loyalty and awareness within your team's network of people outside of work.

Stand for a Cause

As you're distributing patches to in-house people and making them available to customers, keep one thing in mind: they don't have to be all about you.

You can create a design that focuses on a cause you're passionate about.

Does your company fight animal testing? Do you participate in monthly causes throughout the year, like breast cancer in October or Alzheimer's in November?

Whatever your passion is outside of products and services, incorporate it into your custom patch design.

This could look like adding elements of nature to support eco-friendly causes. It could also be using certain awareness ribbons or using patch sales as a way to generate donation money.

Either way, make sure your cause is known.

Write copy to educate consumers on the purpose of the patch. Use marketing tools like graphics and email campaigns to get the word out about the opportunity to give back.

This turns custom patches into more than branding.

It creates an experience your audience can get excited to support and engage with. For those who have a personal connection to the cause, you have a chance to stand out even more.

Do the Unexpected

Speaking of standing out, at the end of the day, that is what custom patches are all about.

Whether you're trying to build team morale or raise money to give back, a patch can get the job done in a way most people aren't expecting.

People are used to getting pens or lanyards at trade shows. They have stacks of business cards they always lose, and customers can only get so excited about another sticker in the mail.

But, embroidered patches are something to take note of.

These are marketing tools people will notice you've invested time and effort in. It shows your respect for the work you do and for those who are part of the process.

Plus, getting a patch in-hand is only the beginning.

Some people will slap it on a gym bag or pair of blue jeans. Others will put it on a hat. No matter where a patch ends up, though, it's taking your brand with it.

It's turning heads in a way customers aren't used to seeing.

This builds your chances of making a statement people will remember. In a world where ads are around us everywhere we go, such an effect is priceless.

Get the job done with the right patch for your business.

Order Your First Set of Custom Patches

Ready to see how one set of patches can transform your branding and marketing efforts?

You have to create your custom design first!

Focus on making a patch that will turn heads and get the right message across. Consider your brand colors and how to incorporate your logo, but try to think outside the box.

We'll take care of the rest.

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