Using Festive Promotional Products for Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Using Festive Promotional Products for Holiday Marketing Campaigns

'Tis the season to give gifts! The holidays are an exciting time; you see family, you take off work, you're surrounded by lights and colors, and you give and receive...

'Tis the season to give gifts! The holidays are an exciting time; you see family, you take off work, you're surrounded by lights and colors, and you give and receive presents.

There are those who indulge in the holidays and can't help but be absorbed in holiday cheer.

So what does this mean for your company? If visions of sugar plums are dancing in your head, use this influence to ramp up your marketing strategy.

And the best way to start is with something all holiday consumers love: holiday products.

Don't be a Scrooge and miss out on sales. Use these products to boost your holiday marketing campaigns.

Shatterproof Drinkware

What's one of the most appealing factors about the holidays? While you love seeing the excitement on your children's' faces as they unwrap their presents from under the tree, adults are also focused on one thing: alcohol.

And c'mon --eggnog, spiked apple cider, champagne, wine, spiked hot chocolate, and other seasonal flavors (are you also thinking peppermint vodka?) will get the party going.

And your company doesn't even have to sell alcohol. Offer shatterproof drinkware for holiday marketing campaigns. If it's an adult-only Christmas, the gift-giving might turn into a fiasco when glasses start breaking.

Make sure your drinkware features seasonal images and sayings to get your party-goers in the holiday spirit.

Spa Essentials

Are mommy and daddy spending their Christmas on a luxury getaway? Or are you just sick of shoveling snow for another year?

Well, maybe your customers still plan on staying home for the holidays. But nothing says Christmas-in-Maui like a collection of tropical-scented spa essentials.

These can include skin care, lotion, massage oil, and other fun items such as a mask or an exfoliator.

You can also find holiday-themed spa sets and promote them as gifts. Make ones with holiday packaging or use holiday-themed scents such as cinnamon or pine tree.


When you're snowed in with your family, the games start to come out. Even during the era of cell phones and social media, all families enjoy a good board game.

Don't stop the tradition, use it for your holiday marketing campaigns. Market a good family-friendly game; you can even spruce up your products with holiday packaging.

Here are some games to use as inspiration: chess, checkers, Yahtzee, Monopoly, Sorry, and even a classic deck of cards.


Nothing spices up a holiday party like your favorite mixtape. Musicians and music lovers enjoy nothing more than music items for Christmas. Even though we live in an age of online streaming, who is going to be mad over CDs or vinyl?

If you carry music, offer discounts or bundle sales on a variety of CDs, vinyl, and cassettes.

What if you don't carry music? You can always be creative. Offer a rack that conveniently stores records or CDs. You can even create a stand for guitars or drumsticks.

Winter Accessories

Everyone needs winter accessories -- it gets too cold during the holidays. But what do your customers love more than winter accessories? Winter accessory bundles at a discounted price, of course.

Offer a hat, gloves, and scarf bundle as a sale item. Your customers will love fresh winter apparel when they go see Christmas lights, go caroling, and even participating in extreme winter sports.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen items always make great gifts. They're also perfect for a chef who needs last minute supplies before preparing holiday dinner.

Start promote kitchenware for holiday marketing campaigns. These include cooking dishes, baking dishes, serving dishes, and cutlery. And finish these kitchen products with holiday designs or holiday packaging.

Blankets and Sheets

You probably have a customer who can't figure out what gifts to give. So provide the gift that keeps on giving: blankets. Especially in the cold winter months, blankets are a staple in every household.

Choose blankets with warm and soft materials. Your customers will find them irresistible. And your company will receive bonus points if the blankets have holiday designs printed on them.

You can also choose throw blankets as a decorative accent to any bed or couch.

You can even come out with a blanket and sheets set for your customers who are truly enthusiastic about the holidays. Make them with a luxury material such as satin that will make a perfect gift.

Travel Accessories

Chances are, your customers will be traveling for the holidays. While waiting at the airport or being stuck in traffic isn't luxurious, try and offer your customers a fun and festive item to include in their luggage.

Complete the look with adorable holiday designs.

Great examples include luggage tags, suitcases, laptop bags, and cases for toiletries.

Customizable Sweaters

Everyone has Christmas sweaters. And if your customer doesn't have a Christmas sweater, chances are they don't want one. Christmas sweaters are becoming a boring item of the past.

But what about your customers who want to continue the 'ugly Christmas sweater' tradition?

Twist the classic sweater into a customizable one. Your customers can choose between a selection of patterns and colors, and the sweater will conveniently be delivered to the customer once it's finished.

Customizable Gift Boxes and Bags

Your customers may see gift wrapping like it's a form of art. Their artistic abilities should be expressed endlessly. Therefore, let them customize their own gift wrap, boxes, and bags.

Examples of customizable gift wrap include colors, designs, size, and material. Don't let the wrap end at paper -- bows, ribbon, and other cute accents should be included.

And you can always have fun with boxes and bags. Color-changing, sparkly, light-up, and even singing packaging can be offered to your customers.

Start Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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The holidays are right around the corner. Don't procrastinate on your holiday marketing campaigns. Your customers want to buy gifts and even splurge on themselves. Give them holiday products that will make them feel excited.

Start compiling your gifts and market them before all of your competitors steal your customers away.

Are you looking for custom products? We have several amazing products you can custom order for the holidays.