Ways to Use Custom Promotional Products for Brand Development

Ways to Use Custom Promotional Products for Brand Development

Take a look at a business that's had success in branding themselves. That company knows it's not just about telling people what their business is about. A successfully branded business...

Take a look at a business that's had success in branding themselves. That company knows it's not just about telling people what their business is about.

A successfully branded business shows people who they are. They do that in how they treat their customers. They do that by wearing items that show off their company's brand.

Smart companies also use promotional products to help with brand development. However, it's not as easy as just buying a pen and getting business. Here are seven ways to use custom promotional products to build your brand.

Choose a Product that Works for Your Industry

When someone sneezes, it's not unusual to have someone offer them a Kleenex. Except Kleenex is a brand name that makes tissues. Their brand development has worked so effectively, that tissues and the Kleenex brand name have become synonymous.

One way to achieve that type of branding is to choose a promotional product that works for your industry. A few years back when Commerce Bank was still around, their blue pens were all over New York City. Everyone had their pens, whether they banked with them or not.

People need pens when they bank. Find a product people will actually use so your company's name is right in front of them as often as possible. The more they view your information, the more likely they'll end up buying from you.

Put Your Name on the Promotional Product

Do not forget to put your name on the promotional product. Effective brand development means making sure your customers associate your brand as often as possible.

Sometimes, you don't even have to put the actual name on it. Think about Nike. Their swirl logo is so familiar, that it's enough to put their swirl on a t-shirt and trust everyone will know it's a Nike shirt.

Another company that has been successful with their branding is the jewelry company, Tiffany & Co. Their light blue boxes have now become an iconic symbol of romance and the promise of something inside that beautiful box.

Whether you choose to put your name, logo, or another symbol on your promotional products, stick with whatever you choose. One major part of branding is to be consistent.

Try a Themed Giveaway or Seasonal Items

Even if your company deals with other corporations rather than customers, you can still increase your brand development with promotional items. A themed giveaway is a great idea.

Mark the end of the year or holiday season by giving away a company branded leather journal. Perhaps a set of wine or beer glasses etched with a personalized note is more your style.

Seasonal items are also a great way to get your name out there. There are plenty of ideas like sunglasses, towels, and umbrellas work well for summer. In the winter, ski hats, scarves, and even polar fleece vests and coats are great ideas.

These choices are also items a customer will be able to use again and again. They're also more likely to wear these items to places where others will be able to see what they're wearing.

Use Humor

Most people appreciate good humor. Think about how many funny memes quickly get shared on the internet.

Humor connects people to one another. The right type of funny can quickly become associated with your company. Think about Wendys, "Where's the Beef" lady who became so popular in the 1980s. She was funny and everyone started quoting her. T-shirts with her photo popped up

Just remember to stay away from humor that involves politics, race, gender, or anything else that is generally thought to be inappropriate.

Influencer Marketing Helps Build Brand Development Faster

When it comes to brand development, two is always better than one. You should be building partnerships with other companies who are not competitive with your company. Instead, they are complimentary.

Both companies come with strengths and weaknesses. You also come with a different set of customers. This is a great opportunity to cross-promote each other's companies.

Coca-Cola has done this with a great many companies. They have partnered with MacDonald's, pizza companies, and even movie theaters. You can do the same thing.

Even smaller companies can find easy ways to help one another with developing their brand. A hair stylist can work with a local nail salon where both companies hand out a gift bag that contains a hairbrush and a nail file to their customers.

Associate Yourself with Quality Items

I love free stuff. Everyone does. But I don't like free stuff that's just junk. It takes up space and I don't like throwing perfectly good items away even if they are junk.

Don't place your marketing dollars on junky promotional items. If you choose to give out pens with your name and logo on it, buy pens that actually work and last. That way, your name will also be associated with quality.

Everything you do is part of brand development so choose items you're going to be proud to associate yourself with. A dentist can hand out toothbrushes with their name and phone number on them. Just as long as they're quality toothbrushes.

If the promotional item falls apart quickly or only works for a short period of time, people will take note. Choose promotional items that people will appreciate owning and using for a long time.

Advertise All Year Round

Choose items that can help with your brand development all year long. While beach towels are more seasonal, hand towels work all year round.

Candles are an excellent seasonal choice, but will also work any time of year. Pins and wristbands look great no matter what time of year they're being worn. T-shirts work any time of year.

You can also go with promotional gift items that can be used all year round. Try giving out a seasonal desk or wall calendar. Of course, pens and pencils always work no matter what time of year it is.

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