Fundraising with Custom Wristbands

Fundraising with Custom Wristbands

Fundraising today isn’t easy. Savvy consumers have learned to tune out the steady barrage of messages from all sides. Even for worthy causes, they often ignore ads, billboards, TV...

Fundraising today isn’t easy. Savvy consumers have learned to tune out the steady barrage of messages from all sides. Even for worthy causes, they often ignore ads, billboards, TV, radio and internet ads.

One thing that does work surprisingly well is custom silicone wristbands. Fundraising with custom wristbands is an outstanding way to raise money for charities, schools, political campaigns, and other worthy causes.

Wristbands Work – Do the Math

If you’re skeptical, consider this: Lady Gaga sold wristbands to raise funds for emergency relief following the 2011 Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. Sold at $5 each, they raised $250,000 in their first 48 hours on sale. An elementary school in Ohio raised $5,000 for Haitian earthquake relief in less than three weeks by selling silicone wristbands. Not to mention the fact that the little yellow wristband (you know the one) that jump-started fundraising with wristbands has raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

It’s simple math, really. You can buy custom imprinted wristbands for a low price, then sell them at a substantial markup. Thanks to economies of scale, the more wristbands you buy, the less you pay per wristband. That boosts the profit on each one you sell, increasing the money flowing in for your cause.

For example, if you buy 50 wristbands at $1.79 each, and sell them for $5 each, you’ll earn $250, less $89.50 for the cost. That leaves you with a net profit of $160.50. However, if you buy 250 wristbands, the price per band drops to $.62. Sell those for $5 each, and you earn $1,250, less $155 cost. That gives you a profit of $1,095. And the price keeps dropping, the more wristbands you order.

Why People Buy Wristbands

People buy wristbands because they want to feel good by doing something to help a cause. Buying and wearing a wristband is a “low impact” way to help out. Whether it’s to advance cancer research, help the local high school band go to an out of state parade or support a political cause, donors like to get something to show they gave.

Wristbands show that and also promote greater awareness of the cause as well. It’s a win-win situation all around. The purchase helps fund the cause and by wearing the wristband, the person who bought it increases the likelihood that others will do the same.

With the proliferation of wristbands in recent years, it’s not always easy to tell which cause they represent. That prompts people to ask, which gives the wearer an opportunity to explain more about the cause.

Wristband Styles

Custom wristbands are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. Start with the basic debossed style. This classic wristband is the same type as the famous yellow one.

Debossed wristbands feature your message or logo pressed into the silicone material. This is by far the most popular wristband style available, and it’s probably not a coincidence that it’s also the most economical.

Color filled wristbands add a special soft enamel paint to the lettering on the debossed wristbands. That adds a bolder look to the design that makes your message stand out as easier to read. It’s possible to use more than one color paint to create designs or logos with multiple colors.

Color coated wristbands flip the script. Once again, the starting point is a debossed wristband. The wristbands are coated with paint before being engraved. When the design is engraved, the base color of the wristband shows through in the lettering or logo. The result is a bright, sharp look sure to garner attention.

Embossed wristbands raise the lettering or logo above the surface of the band. This is the reverse of the debossed style and makes the design more distinctive.

Silkscreened wristbands don’t engrave the design. Instead, it’s silkscreen printed on the surface of the silicone band. This style is ideal if you need fine lines and details, multiple colors or gradients in your design.

Segmented wristbands are perfect for sports teams or school colors. These bands feature two or three colors adjacent to each other. These are available in debossed, color coated, embossed and silkscreened styles.

Swirled wristbands blend two or three colors on the silicone band itself, an effect similar to tie-dyed fabric. It’s a bold look that’s available in debossed, embossed, color filled and silkscreened styles.

Wristband Sizes

If you’re ordering custom wristbands, you can choose from several widths. It depends on how big – or small – you want to go with your message.

Standard wristbands are 1/2” wide. This is the most common size.

Three-Quarter Inch wristbands are 50% wider, giving you more space for your logo or text.

One-Inch wristbands are the big guys. They give you double the area to promote your message. They’re impossible to ignore!

Micro wristbands go the other way. These 1/4” bands are for those who believe you can never be too rich or too thin. You can even wear multiples in a fashion statement! Due to the small size of the band, micro wristbands are only available in the silkscreened style.

Ordering Custom Wristbands

Ordering custom wristbands are easy. There are lots of reputable wristband suppliers on the internet. Look for one that’s been in business for several years, and has established a record of satisfied customers.

For the best quality wristbands, stay with 100% medical grade silicone bands. Anything fewer compromises quality. Work with a provider that doesn’t charge you for artwork, design or revisions. That way you can be sure your wristbands will look exactly as you want before production begins.

Watch out for hidden costs. There shouldn’t be any surprises in the pricing. The price you’re quoted should be the price you pay for your order.

You should deal with a company that guarantees their work. Any defective wristbands – faulty in either materials or workmanship – should be replaced at no added cost to you.

Fundraising with custom wristbands is a great way to raise money quickly. With fast turnaround times and full customization potential, they’re a popular product that many recipients will wear proudly to support their chosen cause.