3/4" Wristbands

as low as $033

Custom 3/4 inch wristbands are for those times when you need just a little bit more space. At 50% bigger than our standard size bands, but smaller than the one-inch ones, they fall into the category of “just right.” If your logo, mascot or other artwork features intricate artwork that you want a little more room to showcase, custom 3/4 inch wristbands bands are the answer. They’re not as flashy as the bolder one-inch bands, but they give you that extra room you need to express yourself. Our talented crew of graphic artists can help you make the most of the available space to create eye-catching, attractive wristbands that will convey your message in the most memorable way possible. We’ll work with you to make your design the most attractive, practical and impressive it can be!

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Custom 3/4" Wristbands

As with our other wristbands, we offer a broad selection of colors and styles. These custom 3/4 inch wristbands just offer a little more. Best of all, you get our signature service and value. We never charge for artwork or revisions, we offer free Pantone color matching, and even free FedEx Air shipping to any address in the continental United States. Best of all, we stand behind every product we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If any wristband proves defective in either materials or workmanship, we’ll gladly replace it at no extra cost to you. It’s all part of the Custom Center commitment to superior quality, value and service. Call us toll-free at +18002540146 or fill out our free quote form today, and let us show you how three-quarter inch wristbands can meet your organization’s needs!

3/4" Wristband Pricing

Type 50 100 250 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
Debossed $2.23 $1.77 $1.04 $0.78 $0.52 $0.46 $0.39 $0.37 $0.35
Color Filled $2.30 $1.82 $1.15 $0.84 $0.59 $0.49 $0.48 $0.45 $0.44
Embossed $2.23 $1.77 $1.04 $0.78 $0.52 $0.46 $0.39 $0.37 $0.35
Silk Screened $2.23 $1.77 $1.04 $0.78 $0.52 $0.45 $0.39 $0.37 $0.33